Hi guys ♥
today I would like to write about something different.

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As a students myself, I feel like when it's about school and grades people might get a bit competitive and selfish at times. We tend to look for other people just when when are in need of help and not to care when it's others who struggle.

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On the contrary I'm sure if we helped each other more, everything would be funnier and easier. So I came up with an idea: notes sharing ☺ Why?
Because of its double benefit: both for people who haven't got notes and are looking for some ones about a certain topic and for people who have already got them but need to study and memorize them. In fact, it is widely known that writing is a really good way to memorize things.

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Let me know what you guys think about this idea by sending me a postcard. I'd love to hear from you ☻

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Wish you a very nice day ♥

- Helen Reeva -