I always sit and watch opportunities pass me by. Then i realize what i've missed and there's nothing i can do to get it all back.

I've known you since kindergarden. I first had a crush on you when i was maybe 5 years old... It has been 12 years now and you have always been the person I've secretly come back to when others have broken my heart. You've never had a clue.

You are one of those rare people who don't want any extra attention. But boy you caught mine. There's not one day i don't go back to those summer nights we spent by the bonfire. I swear my hair still sometimes smells like smoke and then i remember how we rowed our boats with our friends all night untill the sun came up. How you talked about your last winters trip to north and how you drove your snowmobiles for hundreds of miles per day and how ´´it was the best thing you can do with your pants on.´´ I bet you don't know how your eyes light up when you talk about something you love. Sadly i may not be one of those subjects.

Now the leaves are turning the same colour your brown eyes are when the light hits them. They are turning colour and falling. The school has started and we no longer see each other. You literally live just a mile away and i can't get myself to walk to your door and say ´´ i have too strong feelings for you and there's nothing you or i can do about it´´

You are a masterpiece. Not every one gets you but those who do. They will never forget you. And i swear, i'll forever remember the smell of smoke, row boats and your burning eyes.

With Love: The childhood friend who hasn't grown an inch since preschool.