Ok, this is my first article ever so it will probably not be that good. By the way, English is not at all my first language so I'll probably make horrible mistakes.
But this is not the point. This is: I'm now in Ireland for 4 months. Away from my family, my boyfriend and my friends. This may sound sad. To be honest, I was so sad when I arrived, wondering what I was doing here. But it was my choice, right? I had no options but deal with it. So that's what I did. And you can't imagine how happy I am right now. I still miss everyone, but I feel way better. I've become accustomed to the life and most of all, I've met a lot of amazing people.
All those people have different backgrounds, they come from different countries and we don't share the same culture. And this is why I love it so much. I know that's why I'm here: meeting people from all over the world and getting to know their culture. I'm pretty excited because this year, I'm going to celebrate my first Thanksgiving thanks to my American (and amazing) roomate. And they will celebrate some Belgian party with me. I know those are gonna be my friends forever.
I'm already in love with this country. I've not been everywhere but don't worry, it's on my list!