Hi! I'm so excited to be writing this article! As some of my fans may already know, I am very focused on Girl Power and also Happiness. I think that as long as you are happy, you can do ANYTHING (almost). I'm going to tell you a bit about me, hope you enjoy!

1. My hobbies would probably be photography and sports. Running in particular, it makes me feel stronger and I let out any anger when I run.

2. I LOVE the colour pink, even though I'm not a HUGE girly girl, I still find pink a happy colour.

3. The things I do most is probably meeting up with friends at the mall or on the phone to them LOL.

4. Personality. Hmm, well I'd say I am quite a nice person and I always stick up for my friends. But the downside is that I tend to worry quite a lot. Tiny little worries kind of add up in my head until I have this huge big worry monster.

Thanks for listening guys! When I have a new Froofles Follower, all my worries go away and it makes me feel so much better! Thank you for all your support, I hope you can go and enjoy some of my posts. Remember to follow me on Pinterest and Tumblr @froofles.
Thank you all <3