hello, i'm a sleepy and emotional girl called peachy and i'll be doing weekly zodiac posts because i think astrology is pretty cool. i'm starting sweet & simple, but later on, i'll be adding on more description & depth to my posts!

each zodiac sign has four pictures that match your result. scroll down to find out which aesthetic you got!! ( •́⍛•̀ )

♡ aries - vinyls

music, aesthetic, and troye sivan image pink, aesthetic, and music image peach, aesthetic, and peachy image aesthetic, colors, and feels image

♡ taurus - roses

Image removed flowers, rose, and peach image fashion, roses, and style image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image

♡ gemini - fishnets paired with jeans

Image by Fabiola Canú red, fashion, and fishnets image blog, fashion, and fishnet image fashion, outfit, and style image

♡ cancer - ocean waves

beach, ocean, and sea image water, beach, and pastel image boy, asian, and korean image pastel, ocean, and aesthetic image

♡ leo - freckles

eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image blue, eyes, and eyebrows image rainbow, grunge, and tumblr image girl, beauty, and makeup image

♡ virgo - round glasses

book, flowers, and glasses image glasses, aesthetic, and blue image boy, ulzzang, and aesthetic image glasses, tumblr, and accessories image

♡ libra - messy bedsheets

book, aesthetic, and blue image plants, green, and white image black, grunge, and boots image theme, blue, and grunge image

♡ scorpio - sunsets & sunrises

flowers, nature, and pink image flowers, pink, and sky image beach, summer, and sunset image flowers, sunset, and sky image

♡ sagittarius - art galleries

tumblr, aesthetic, and art image aesthetic, girl, and art image aesthetic, art, and artsy image aesthetic, art, and grunge image

♡ capricorn - tattoos

alternative, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, grunge, and art image tattoo and forgive image tattoo, brown, and beige image

♡ aquarius - embroiders

grunge, green, and indie image panic! at the disco, quotes, and panic image girl, art, and embroidery image ghost, lonely, and grunge image

♡ pisces - succulents

cactus, green, and plants image plants, tattoo, and grunge image theme, green, and plants image plants and tumblr image