This is my first guide of life tips that will help you succeed in anything that you do.

Today it is all about achieving high grades at school but these skills will help you throughout your school and career and I should know as I am a high achiever.

In life there is always going to be someone better than you, so you should stop right now comparing yourself to others and focus on you and what you can achieve. As it is time for a new year at school I am going to tell you how to do well in exams and retain knowledge. This is all stuff I have learnt and I wish I had someone giving me tips to do better and I hope you find something in this guide that clicks with you and helps you get A grades so here goes......

How to get the most out of a lesson and what works best for you.

We have five senses sight, listening, touch, taste and smell. The last two do not apply but the other three are most important. So you need to ask yourself how do you take in information. Do you like someone to read aloud to you? are you best at listening to an Ebooks or the internet with headphones on? This would mean your hearing sense works best for you. Are you someone who needs to read a book, type on the computer, see writing on a board or use flash cards? Then you are a sight person or do you need to touch a book, flash cards, pens, keyboards, words? as this would make you a touch person. Rrrreeeeaaalllyyy think about this as it is going to be the defining thing that will make you achieve your goals. The sense that works for you is going to be the one you use from today, the start of you achieving success.

As we get older we find interest in history or hobbies and some people end up knowing aaallooottt of information on stuff you might need to know. So ask elders about things. You might know somebody who has a great deal of knowledge about a war, event etc that you are learning about so ask them about it and write down everything in a note book. If you notice some added info on the internet write down that too. When the time comes for revision you can refer back to those notes and you might be surprised to find something extra that will enhance your essay.

This is important throughout your life in everything. If you are clear at speaking and not afraid to ask questions you will be a success at everything. (If this guide proves popular I will talk more about communication as that is a huge topic to cover). If you do not understand something then ask the teacher to explain in more detail. Tell them what you do not understand or ask an elder if they can explain it any better. Remember you need to rreeaalllyyy understand something so you can get the results and only you can do this.

Not everyone has a photographic mind so how to remember dates and quotes. I am hopeless but I found two ways that helped me. I remember a date in a song song way or I use word association which means I think of something else maybe a birthday or a favourite thing that reminds me of the number and by doing that my brain will recall the date I need to remember. Word association is common so you can find stuff out on the internet about that.

I hope you have found this guide useful, thanks for reading and I wish you lots of luck in all your endeavours.

Remember only YOU can make YOU great!!

I hope you enjoyed my article.

Until next time.

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