The vampire, just like the revenant or ghost, is a dead entity that comes and haunts the livings. They symbolize the insatiable hunger for life, selfishness, but also love and elegance. The vampire drinks the blood of its victims to seize their souls.

The vampire belongs mainly to Central Europe folklore, the most famous being the Count Dracula, a legendary depiction of the Romanian emperor Vlad Dracul.

Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula was released in 1897. After that, cinema has adopted many movies based on the character and made it the protagonist of either fantasy or even comedy movies.

The vampire, who sometimes was a criminal before its transformation, is a doubtful being who exists its coffin at midnight to roam the countryside and look for young victims to suck their blood. At this point, the victims becomes a vampire and with their lack of blood, they need fresh blood to quench their thirst.

Vampires forget about what they did the night before. They are on the look for love which sets them as being seducers. They represents the dark side of humanity which accentuate their attractiveness. Vampires cannot see their reflections.

The vampires are threaten by light and have to crawl back to their coffins as the first rays of daylight come. To destroy a vampire, one has to pierce its heart with a sharp wooden stake. The symbolism behind this method stands on the fact that the vampire'a heart can't be moved emotionally and its lack for compassion deprives it from any sense of morality. Other methods set against vampires are of the pointing of showing of the cross and if it's made out of silver is alway better!

Thanks to Bram Stoker's Dracula, we always associate garlic to the fight against vampires. However, Stoker hadn't invented this procedure. Back in Transylvania, peasant would apply garlic to their windows and doors and even their livestock's horns to keep vampires away.

In Dracula, the professor Van Helsing protected Miss Lucy from the Count by having garlic flowers put on her room and around her neck and this was used in Transylvania by some people to protect themselves against vampires!