This series was 7 years old.

Seven seasons, four frauds, five girls, five stories.

It ended this year in June.

For all this time I, like all the rest of the fan of the series, wanted to know who - A, and then who AD.

There was a period when I wanted it to end soon, but now I will miss it, I will miss this story, these secrets, the characters.

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       My favorite character of the series was always Spencer.

I liked the game Troian Bellisario, I liked how she completely reincarnated.

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         Let's talk about the finals, I'm always making sure that the main villain will be one of the liars, in particular Spencer or Aria.

I was completely bewildered, shocked, when I saw Alex Drake.

As I understand she did not know about Spencer and her friends until she met one guy who ran to the bar because of the rain.

But if she did not know them until this moment, there still remains a lot of questions, for example, where does Spencer remember how she runs after a blonde or how she struck someone.

Spencer is the only deceiver who did not kill anyone. It would then be more logical if it was beaten with Alex.

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          The history of becoming Alex Drake began with an acquaintance with Wren.

In theory, he was the one who introduced Alex to Charlotte and still I was hurt, he was stupidly killed.

Wren really loved Alex and wanted to be with her and that was his fault.

Alex always loved Toby and eventually she killed Wren, and his ashes were imprisoned in a pendant.

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       Now Mona.

She was so crazy, she stayed like that, now she has her own doll house with living people.

To be honest, I would like Mona to stay in the end with Mike Montgomery, Aria's younger brother.

I know that the actor was busy shooting in another project playing the role of Theo Raeken in "Teen Wolf," but still it was a hurt that he did not show up, because all the main couples left together.

It was also a hurt that Mike was not at the second wedding of his parents and at his sister's wedding.

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In memories, Alison was a real bitch.

She even treated her friends badly.

Over time, after her return, Ali became a little kinder, at least to her friends.

In the end, despite the fact that her mother died, her father did not care at all, and her brother left, she remained happy, she had a family in the person of her friends.

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From the very beginning, Aria had problems in her personal life, because she fell in love with her teacher of literature, Ezra Fitz.

She is one of those who deserved a happy ending.

I was glad to see her wedding with Ezra, they went through a lot and eventually they stayed together.

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I always liked her phrases.

And her wedding with Caleb was a logical end.

As well as Ezria, they also went through a lot.

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At the beginning of Emily's series, a shy girl, she eventually became more confident. She always liked Ali and the fact that they were brought, for Emily the perfect end.

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As I said, Spencer is my favorite character. I'm glad Spencer stayed with Toby, but if it so happened that they could not be together at the end, then I'd be glad to see her with Wren.
       In the end, I want to say that I'm interested in what happened to Eddie Lamb. He worked in the psychiatric hospital Radley and was a good friend for Spencer when she got there.
          This series will forever remain in my heart and let's hope to see in a few years a mini-series or a film about liars and their children.