Here's five facts about me :

1/ I love the rain :
Yes, this is my favourite weather ; the rain! So Autumn is my favourite season, its colors, wearing pullover, sweaters...

2/ Read is one of my passions:
I read one book for a week, I have so many many books, I can't count all of them! :)

Temporarily removed

3/ I go on We heart it all the days:
Just before going to bed, I love this website.

bed, JAKe, and marry image

4/ Polaroid's pictures are my favourite photos:
The quality is so beautiful, they are very cute! My Polaroid is always with me.

pink, camera, and polaroid image

5/ I really want to travel more:
I went in some countrys but not many. Now I want to go in Argentina, Norway, Canada, Greece...

boys, girls, and style image

So that's it. I think I will do an other '5 facts about me'.
Sorry for my english I'm french...

Thanks for reading :)