Autumn..definitely the most magical of all the four seasons.
Trees fading,leaves falling down on the ground to then jump into that beautiful pile and make leaf angels,conserving food for the winter that will come..
Oh,I can keep it for hours talking and writing about autumn but especially about the time that comes with it.That time when you see the weather changing,the night getting darker,longer and colder only to have a cold shorter day.

autumn, forest, and gate image

Here is one of my favorite photos about autumn.It is a gate.A gate of a cemetery I think.Im just falling in love with the place and feeling the wind through my hair with all that hurricane of leaves flying,levitating like a ghost.

I do not know about you,but I love this time on We heart it.When there are so many uploads of coffee,leaves,nature ,Halloween and pumpkins.Autumn is magical because it drives us into melancholy-the good childhood days,when there was no interest in the technology and only into outside activities.
Im European,Romanian to be exactly and when the autumn came for the first time I remembered,I cried.I cried because the summer was no more.No more green leaves.No more hot weather.No long days.Years later I realized that it is completely natural.It is the change that the nature needs to reborn.Like we need sometimes.

In Romanian we do not celebrate Halloween,but we like to sculpt pumpkins and eat pumpkin pies.Sometimes we gather and have a Halloween party.We have carnivals with costumes in the school around that time,but not all around the country.Only some cities have that ''customs''.It is our choice if we celebrate or not.

Here is my autumn collection,I am Kate and I hope you like my articles.♥