31st August 2017

Sooo this new article series is gonna be pretty random but super fun!
I'm just going to be writing about life in Australia, weird jokes and other random, irrelevant things that I have the need to share with you!
Enjoy x

This is such a classic Aussie thing. In Australia, we call our sausages Snags. Idk why we call them snags, we just do, but it's great. Bunnings is like a hardware store in Australia. They sell garden supplies, household appliances and other things too! But, Bunnings is mainly known for selling their Snags. Out the front of each Bunnings, they always have a marquee where they sell Snags. Honestly, they just taste like regular Snags, but because they're from Bunnings, they're extra special......I know right? What a weird tradition!

So many countries have their own versions of The Bachelor, but Australia does it the best! This year's Bachelor is Matty J (Johnson). He was runners up last year in The Bachelorette, and everyone was so excited to hear that he was this year's bachelor. There was/are some interesting characters this season.

Firstly, we have Tara, my favourite and I swear if she doesn't win I'm gonna die! She's the funniest girl ever and has such a classic Aussie Bogan Accent! She honestly is the reason I watch the show because she makes the funniest comments such as:
"She pashed and he dashed.....you'd be devo" (devastated)
"My mum's a ledge" (legend)
"She's gone to the Seecy G" (Secret Garden)
Then there was Leah, who lets just say was a villain, but had a horrible past as a stripper. She attempted to pash (kiss) Matty in a photoshoot date but was rejected! She left the show last week.
There's Cobie, who's currently still on the show much to my disgust. I don't like her because she's cringey and really childish. Like, she introduced Matty to her TOY. I'm sorry, who does that? Ah, no one.
There was Jen, who was a villain on the show who was really only there to raise her social status and ruffle some feathers.
Simone, who is British and left the show last night, thankfully. Sorry, this is probably rasisct, but her accent was really annoying.
I don't like this Bachelorette called Elora. She's from Hawaii or some other tropical place and might seem very sweet and mysterious, but she's evil. Like, she tried to get Matty to sleep with her, and in the preview for the next episode, she tries to get him to do it again!
Of course, there are some other really nice girls like Laura and Elise, but they're not that entertaining.
So, yeah, The Bachelor Australia is very action packed, but it's sooo hillarious!!!!

I know, so many school across the world have to wear uniforms to school, but I thought I'd just talk about my uniform. In summer we have to wear these white socks with school dress and blazer. In winter, we have to wear a white long sleeve shirt, tie, skirt, tights and blazer. We also can't have more than two piercings on each ear, we can't wear jewellery, and we have to wear our hair up! Teachers are like 'We want you all to develop your own personalities and be unique' but why do we have to wear uniforms if they want us to be unique?

Okay, so that's my few random stories from Australia for today.....
See ya later mate,
have a good one