Hi everyone!

How are you?
It's Luisa and this is my first article so I want to share with you 5 facts about me.♡

1. Where and when my life begins.   

I was born on 9th September and now I'm 15 years old (but soon turning 16!)
I live in Italy where I was born which means that English is not my first language but I can speak it as well.

2 . My beloved city.

As I told you before I live in Italy more specifically in Milan and I love this city, I don't know why but it's one of my favorite cities.

3 . Writing & Fashion.

Writing and fashion are two of my biggest passions and when I found out that now WeHeartIt lets us post articles, I was very happy because I've always wanted to start a blog about fashion, girl stuff and so on.
So I can't wait to write other articles!

4 . My biggest -impossible- dream.

Yes, I have a dream, an impossible dream: having background music every second of my life.
Imagine how beautiful it would be to change the music based on your mood!

5 . If I could, I would travel forever.

I really really love traveling and discovering the world, learning different cultures and languages is very important for me because I can also know myself better.

I hope you guys have discovered something about me!

Love you,