Boys and Crushes ❥ 2 - The move

Based on psychological study, a crush lasts for a maximum of 4 months. If it exceeds, then you are already in love

August 31, 2017

Let's say this loud and clear I've crushed on surfer boy for 7 months. I was going to ask him this week but I've decided to ask on the last Friday of term 3.
This article though is about E and L.

It was period 7 on a Thursday afternoon. E has been trying to talk to L by messages but sadly he hasn't been responding back. They've only been together for 2 days but she decided to give him his number.
What a coincidence though.. the day she wanted to give him her number her phone smashed a couple of days in preparation.

DAT (Design and Techonolgy) is the class she had the creative idea. She was going to give him her number by a piece of paper but then better yet was it to be in a woodworks class as there were no scrap paper.
Then comes along her ingenious idea... ply wood!
She grabbed a small square of it and wrote:

[ Text me (Number) ❥ ]

She went around showing her friends (including me) of what she wrote. Though when she came across one of her other friends and showed them what she wrote she said:

"Why not say:

Wood you please text me

instead of text me?"

E took that into consideration and wrote that instead.

Counting down the minutes until the bell would ring for end of school.
I get ready with my iPad to record the memory (she asked me to do it for her).
As soon as the bell rang we waited for everyone to leave. She pulled over L and hands over the ply wood message. It was so cute I wish you could of seen it! As soon as L read it he smiled and went red in the face!


I have finally made the date when I am going to ask surfer boy it will be on the 22nd of September.
Yes I will be writing about E and L's fantasy as it can inspire people, like me!
If I see any other Boys and Crushes material in my school, I will definitely write about it in up coming articles!
Hope you got the wood pun! <- Wood you please text me