"We often feel that strange sensation where the chance, the unexpected, put marks on our way forcing us to channel life in one direction or another. There are those who say that they are designs of destiny, that force which is above us and pushes us toward a succession of events, o which we cannot escape. Something like that goes far beyond a simple synchronization, supposed to believe that nothing happens by chance, but that we are determined."

The other day, I began to think about the destination, this crazy idea that we are not responsible for the course that take our lives. That everything is predestined, written in the stars.

Maybe that explain why, if you live in a city where they don't show the stars, your love life tends to be a little adrift. And even if every man, every kiss, every disappointment was written in advance in a cosmic book can make a mistake and abandon our own Milky Way of fate? I couldn't help but wonder can make a mistake and evade the destination?