After decades of progress, its common to see people claiming that they don't need feminism, saying that women have already all the rights they deserve even comparing modern feminism to awful things such as cancer and nazism people express their upsetness at the fact that women are still fighting for their rights.

Myself, i'm upset too. However, no for the same reason.

I'm upset at the fact that is 2017 and women STILL fightning for rights that should have been given to them since the birth of civilized society, trying to open blind eyes of people who only celebrates the incredible process that we have achieved while ignoring the fact that we still have a long way go to reach the full freedom. By this day, even with all the beautiful advancement made by strong women who have fight for centuries, we can't ignore the social gap that still oppressig women, a gap imposed by years and years of breeding misogyny that has been teached by generation and generation to kids that someday gonna grow to be our future, and it makes me sick. Oppresion that includes gender rolls, hypersexualization of the female body AT ANY AGE, not letting women to have full control over their bodies, awful stereotypes, blaming women when they are victim of heartless and sick acts like rape or violence, femicide, slutshamming, earning less at jobs, hypersexualitazion to minorities like black, latinas, asian or muslim women, indiference to trans women, disrespect to sexual workers and many more situations every single women in this world, regardless of their culture, skin color or sexual orientation, has to bear everyday.

We can't deny we have come too far, and now we enjoy of rights we didn't have years ago, but to reach the rainbow of freedom we have to keep fighting and spill our blood, sweat and tears as our ancestors did to ensure a better word to women all across the world. We need feminism because feminism is the only way to the empowerment and liberation of women, that will bring us our real goal: EQUAL RIGHTS.

- @stillfeelinglove