Communication and mutual agreement between people of different age groups has become more difficult due to the generation gap. The new generation learns and matures at a quicker pace, given the exposure to social media and an overall increase in technology. As a result, parents, children, and teens are living in completely different worlds. In order to understand each other better, below are some tips and advice that will make it easier for parents to improve communication and interaction with children and teens.

**Ways to Improve Communication with Children

Show interest in the activities and hobbies that your children enjoy. By doing so, they will feel more comfortable sharing experiences with you.
For example: if your child enjoys playing video games or watching movies, instead of instantly scolding them about decreasing screen time, ask them what their favorite game or movie is and why.

“Speech is silver, silence is golden” — Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Analyze their intentions, not their words.

Often times, especially teens going through adolescent development tend to be a bit more aggressive and careless in the way in which they speak to parents. They tend to take the stress from school and friends out on their parents. However, parents must get into the habit of understanding their child’s intention rather than being upset by their words. They never mean to hurt you with their words and if they do say something that is hurtful, it is because they themselves are hurt inside. Try to understand what is going on internally first rather than being upset about the external behavior and words.

If we want to create a loving, positive, safe and supportive home environment for our children to grow up in, it is important that we make the effort. In time, your children will respond to your positive behavior and before you know it, you will want to spend more time with each other.