The belief that having a guy friend makes you like "one of the guys" or that a guy can offer you a whole better world than a girl best friend is ridiculous. I used to be guilty of wanting to have a best guy friend, but since I have grown and come to learn a few things. This is a news flash for all the 14 year olds who make comments or post things about wanting a best guy friend, it's hard to make people see things they don't want to see. Reasons why your want for a best guy friend is ridiculous.

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"Girls are so over dramatic and complicated"
Besides the fact that if you're a girl and saying this you're probably overdramatic and complicated as well(also guilty of doing this as well), that's like me saying "guys are so flaky and complicated". Not all guys are like that, and not all girls are like that either.

Do not say that guys are better than girls, they are equal. Female empowerment is all about building each other up and how can we build each other up when we're too busy building up guys.

"They are good listeners, they're honest, they force you outside you're comfort zone, respectful, dependable"
Reasons like that are utter crap, because guess what? Girls are all that as well. If not get a better friend.

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From my own multiple experiences boys are a lot less committed than girls, of course that isn't all guys, but that's the majority of my experience. Some just don't think and are completely terrible to you and you'll accept it because it's all just fun and games right? wrong. you deserve to be treated with respect. This actually goes for all of your friends, even if you've known each other for years, there's a certain respect that you still need to have for each other.

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Not all boys are terrible

I know it sounds like I'm saying all boys are terrible and the devil, but that's not the message I want to put out. This is the message I want you to take out;

Guy Best Friends aren't any different than Girl Best Friends, so don't waste time wishing you had a guy to hold and understand you, because any amazing girl could do the exact same