It may be easy to compile images from the video games themselves into a collection, but what if we got creative and brought these video games to life?
The images used in these collections were pulled from all over WeHeartIt due to their proper aesthetics and themes that, interestingly enough, were not originally portraying these video games. These images just happened to reflect the aesthetics and themes of the game, thus bringing the game to life. Check 'em out.

1.) Skyrim

Ah yes, a game so popular it was remastered in 2016 after its 2011 debut was a huge hit. The pics in this collection showcase what the province of Tamriel may have looked like IRL.

2.) Fallout 4

Preceding the groundbreaking Fallout 3, this unsettling post-apocalyptic series attracted gamers of all walks of life. Despite the circumstances, this collection shows that the apocalypse may be more badass than you think.

3.) The Legend of Zelda

Perhaps the most renowned video game series of all time, this collection presents many of the Legend of Zelda themes in all of its glory. You'll see traces of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess in this live action rendition.

4.) Bioshock

It is hard to imagine what an underwater city may look like in real life - this collection might help. Primarily portraying the first and second Bioshock games, this collection will bring you into the world of the splicers who have been doomed to roam Rapture in search of Adam. Happy harvesting.

5.) Life Is Strange

This immediate cult classic has taken the world by "storm" (hahaha, get it?) upon its 2015 release. Life Is Strange is littered with symbolism, trends, and themes that made this collection full of images that cover the game's five chapters. Bringing Arcadia Bay and all of its secret to life in this collection is both beautiful and eerie.

6.) Until Dawn

Another cult classic from 2015 - Until Dawn. You can truly feel the coldness and darkness of Blackwood Mountain in this live action collection. If you haven't played this game before, fear not - this collection does NOT contain spoilers. So, the hint of mystery that permeates this collection is, dare I say, chilling?

Thanks for reading! These collections are constantly being built upon, and there will be more Live Action collections to come!