Will you put up with my shitty attitude?
Will you wish every single day a little bit of my attention?
Will you bear that I treat you like you don't exist?
Will you cry every night because I know you love me but I don't seem to care?
Will you wait all day my response to your Good Morning text? and be happy just to get a "Thank you"?
Will you wonder why I went back to you and say "I love You, get back to me, your the love of my life!" just a month back and now that you get me, I don't care about you?

Because that's what I did every single day, I cared about you, I forgave you and forgot all of our bad history to make sure that we can start a brand new chapter... because you wanted to, begged me for one more chance... and here I am, again, ALONE.

Thank you, now I'm gone.

(I speak Spanish, if I wrote bad some word hope you can understand)