So I figured I'd start off with explaining who I am and why I'm talking about witchcraft and paganism. My name is Octavia (Ivi) and I found Wicca in 7th grade. Wicca is a duotheist (god and goddess) pagan (nature based and non abrahamic) religion. I was a Wiccan for two years and then I also started to work with witchcraft which is the process of making your intentions reality. To be honest, I've been blogging about witchcraft for a year now and I still struggle to come up with a good definition of witchcraft. I run a witchcraft and paganism Amino community and I have a tumblr: I work a lot with new witches and pagans, helping them find their path and giving them tips and resources. I'm on a bit of a personal journey transitioning from Wicca into Hellenic Polytheism which is a reconstruction of ancient Greek polytheism. My patron god (main god/daddy) is Hermes who is the God of travel. Another thing- sorry this has become a tangent- I talk a lot to people who aren't pagan about my practice and faith. I've talked to a few atheist authors who were writing Wiccan characters and also to a some Christians looking to understand where we come from. I love to answer their questions and I don't shy away from the complicated theology. I have study a lot about the Bible and Christianity, as well as a fair amount about eastern religions. Basically, if anyone has any questions whatsoever please let me know.