I'm sorry,
Sorry for not replying.
For ghosting you when you wanted to talk.
For all the unanswered "Heys" to "Whats up"
For not being the person you thought I was.
I'm sorry I ran when you told me how you felt.
I'm sorry I was scared, no one has ever liked me like that before.
I'm sorry I couldn't like you the way you liked me.
I know what it feels like to want someone you can't have.
I'm sorry but...
We could never be more than friends.
I tried to like you more...
We had too much to lose.
I'm sorry for all the what if's.
For the maybes and some days.
I'm sorry I got your hopes up.
I never knew what it was like to see the other side of the fence so...
I'm sorry for being your almost lover.