These are from my "it's a good day to be alive playlist" which is the sunshine emoji on my main spotify:

Spotify: babyxspicex

Feeling Like Me by Liyv

This song reminds me how good it feels to love yourself. The singer speaks of how she finally feels like herself after searching and she's finally happy in that state of mind.

Lemondrops by Telana

On the slower side but speaking about how things may be hard now but it will get better and you have to keep your head up as well as having someone's shoulder to cry on. Maybe your own shoulder, maybe music is your shoulder to cry on, but whatever it is keep it close and be strong. A very cute and happy beat.

Goodnews Bay by Eli Way

Another very slow song but this song is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry. This song makes me feel so free and happy like I'm in a field of flowers (as cliche as it sounds). It seems like this song is about getting away and being on your own to find yourself and I love that because that's how I began to love life and myself. Being alone with positive and happy thoughts.

Alive by Ravyn Lenae

This song is about a lover that strung the singer along and she thanks them for that because the experience helped them grow. Listening to this song I don't only think of a lover but maybe people that made me feel like I wasn't going to get anywhere or made me feel like I couldn't succeed in a specific task and because of their doubts, I did even better than they (or I) could have imagined.

Legendary by POWERS

The lyrics!! Powerful and about becoming legendary. Simple but a strong message. All about working towards your goal and you don't have to focus on romance or love to get there. Love yourself before anyone else and don't stop until you are legendary!