I've been asked this question soo many times!! Typically I give them the short answer which is because I like it. However the main reason I dress up is not to impress people on my appearance, or to attract a lot of attention to myself. I dress up because dressing up makes me happy.

I always feel 10x better about myself when I'm wearing a flowy dress, or a brand new piece of clothing. I feel better about myself because I feel like I took the time and effort to try a little bit more. You've probably heard the saying 'try something new everyday.' Well I like to try and make it my goal to dress up nice everyday.

Now when I say dress up I don't mean wear dresses every single day! I just mean instead of wearing sweatpants and a jacket I wear skinny jeans and a floral flowy top. Nothing to crazy just a little added something to make the casual look a little nicer. Even something simple like adding a necklace can really do a lot to a whole outfit!


โ—ฆ Like always tysm for reading my article! I'm really trying to make it my goal to write a new article at least a few times a week! โ™ก