I find myself busy trying to fit in to be accepted but I have come to the conclusion I was not created to fit in. Many things I see others do I wish I could do/ accomplish and be praised for. This is not something I will blame on society for the idea of wanting but the inner hope for the discovery of myself. I have found myself the last few years, as I have grown into society with my generation trying to fit in so I'm not casted out. I have realized that possibly me pushing myself out the box is the best bet to keep my individuality ( identity ) , this means all relationships and business works are what come from me not what is in ( current trend ). My expression of art has allowed me to connect with my inner self and obtain a deeper knowledge of who Rissa wants to be. I no longer want to go with what's seen as right , I want to go with what makes me feel right. On this night I release myself from all chains that keep me restricted to fit in , I grant myself a peace of mind and a hope to do what makes me feel the love.