When I say you can find ANYTHING on YouTube, I literally mean you can find ANYTHING on YouTube. Throughout the years I found myself looking at several different content creators, from daily vloggers to diy gods to singers.

Here's a list of my top 5 favorite YouTubers :


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Logan Paul is known for making crazy daily vlogs and has the fastest growing channel on Youtube at the moment. He is by far one of the best content creators on YouTube. He calls his YouTube fam the LOGANG.
Also, he also created the movement, "Be A Maverick", that is represented by his pet parrot Maverick.

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A rule breaker. A game changer, that see life through the lens of possibility and dents the universe. Join the movement and Be A Maverick: https://shoploganpaul.com/


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Nigahiga aka Ryan Higa is known for making the BEST comedic skits on YouTube. Though they all are less than 15 minutes long, they will have you laughing hestertically at the end of the video.


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Shane Dawson is queennnnn of conspiracy videos, mukbang videos, diy videos. He is the queen of everything. He is famous for make funny, yet witty jokes about his childhood. He knows how entertain!

#4 Alex Aiono

alex, alex aiono, and aiono image

Three words: VOICE OF AN ANGEL!
Alex is known for making mashups and making songs sound 10 times better. Listen to one of his covers and I guarantee, you will fall in love.


kian lawley, jc caylen, and youtube image

One of YouTube's best duo. After parting ways from supergroup Our2ndLife, Kian and Jc decided to share their videos on a collaborative channel and it was the best decision after. They offer variety on their channel, from challenges, truth and dare, vlogs and much more.

~ Send me a message telling me if you're a fan of any of these YouTubers and why?
~ Also tell me your favorite YouTubers if they're not listed above. I need new people to watch.