Get artistic when getting ready for your next EDM event.  Electric blues, yellows, purples and more, these palettes offer a range of vibrant fantasy shadows for all of your EDM creations.  Whether you've selected attire that's mermaid glistening, galaxy bound, or playa princess worthy, there will be a hue for you!

EDM grattification comes in many different crafty creative ways, one of them being the artistic eye designs made from dramatic color palettes.  Below are my 5 top palette picks. They include a variety of color and are sold at a range of prices, to fit every budget.  I'm including some pictures for inspiration.

Born Pretty Eyeshadow Palette, $18.30

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Purchase Born Pretty Palette Here:

This colorful palette available from Born Pretty comes with 18 different matt selections. The reviews of this product were positive, stating that the colors don't crumble, and they are nice and powdery. The brush picks them up easy and the colors attach great to the eyelid.

LA Girl Beauty Brick Neons Eyeshadow Palette, $10.00

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Purchase LA Girl Palette Here:

Above you'll see the LA Girl Beauty Brick Neons Eyeshadow Palette.  Use this arsenal to create a maxxxximum impact look! The ultra pigmented eyeshadow palette includes 12 mixed matte ‘N shimmer shades in insane neon hues to brighten up your look.

Maúve 120 Full Color Fashion Palette, $9.99

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Purchase 120 Full Color Palette Here:

This 120 color Maúve 120 Full Color Fashion Palette has natural and nude colors.  Colors include matte and shimmer finish.  I personally own this product.  For the price, it's AMAZING!!! If you want vibrant pigmented shadows and your ballin on a budget this is the purchase.

Lottie London's Eyeshadow Palette, $14.00

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Purchase Lottie London's Palettet Here:

Perfect for every mood, outfit or occasion, Lottie London's Eyeshadow Palette combines twelve shades in a range of shimmer and matte finishes.  With a super smooth texture that melts effortlessly onto the lids, each powder can be applied separately or blended together to create endless eye make-up looks with long-wearing results.

Karity Cosmetics Pro Palette, $29.00

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Purchase Karity Cosmetics Pro Palette Here:

The shadows in this Karity Cosmetics Palette are replica colors, or dupes, of of the colors found in high-end expensive palettes. Though they may be dupes, that doesn't mean they wont look as fabulous on your eyes.  I haven't personally used this product, but I would definitely give it a try.  I think $29 for 21 colors is reasonable when you don't want to drop $80 on an Urband Decay Palette that has fewer shadow selections.  This brand is also cruelty free and vegan.

Inspiration Pics

rave makeup and edm makeup image makeup, beauty, and orange image rave makeup, edm eyeshadow, and edm fashion image rave makeup and edm eyeshadow image rave makeup, rave eyeshadow, and edm eyeshadow image rave makeup, rave eyeshadow, and edm eyeshadow image
rave makeup, rave eyeshadow, and edm eyeshadow image

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