I want to share this video on WHI that really changed my life. When I watched it I didn't know how much of an impact it was going to leave on me. It made me realize things about life and about myself. We all have doubts about our dreams whether we should follow them or not. And we doubt that were not good enough or worthy. And we might believe the negative things people say about pursuing them. This video helps you overcome these obstacles. And it inspires you to work towards your goal. In the end of your life you are going to regret not chasing your dreams. After, watching this video I became more aware of the things I want to do with my life and the career paths I want to take.

I noticed the video for some reason doesn't show on a phone, even though it used to before. But it works on a computer. :)

I took these cover photos in Melbourne Australia such a beautiful city definitely recommend going there :) excuse my English if there are mistakes in this post English isn't my native language.