well hi, i guess i should probably introduce myself and explain the poor quality photo.

my name is haley, i just turned 18 and am moving almost 2000 km from home to go to university. i'm excited to be living in a new and beautiful city but i'm also terrified to be on my own. i love writing & art of any kind, and i may start posting my own photos and articles on here.

so this photo was taken today, my first day in nova scotia - which is where i will be living for at least the next four years. and i also love cats lol. i will likely post more photos from the short walk i took in dartmouth (it's a town close to the university i will be studying at) and hopefully more from the halifax - my new home.

sorry for this random and lame introduction but i figured i should at least tell those of you who follow me on here who i am.

also sorry for no capital letters - i know it's awful but i prefer the aesthetic of lower case letters.

thank you for anyone who took the time to read this!