So the rest of the school year it was hell. I threw up and had a huge headache every time I went to school. Then I was sent to the social worker instead of the counselor. She also told me the same coping skills the counselor told me. I was sad and just tired. I graduated elementary school and was extremely happy that it was summer vacation. I went to therapy once a week the whole entire summer vacay. It was a bit boring, the same coping skills as well. Then my therapist said that my issue was that I was nervous about being nervous for school. Which is true. Every night I would pray and be nervous that the next day for school I would embarrass myself in front of everyone. Nobody really cared if I threw up, they would always ask if I was okay. Which is really nice of them.

Then my therapist said I had anxiety. I was like okay well now I know what is my issue. She would always ask me if I was nervous for middle school. I was not, I was very confident. I was actually excited because I genuinely thought that I was not going to have this issue anymore. The reason why I was excited is because it was a new school, new people, and new building.

It was time for middle school. It was 6:45 am when I woke up. I was excited as hell. Which is really weird because who would be excited for school haha. If you do get excited that's awesome. I am not shading anybody. You be you. The first day of school was cool. Everybody were extremely nice to me. The teachers were pretty cool. There was a lot of organizing to do with school work. It was a half day so I got out at 12:30 pm. I told my mom how nice everybody was to me. I have never seen so many nice people in my life before haha.

The night of my first day of school was so good. I slept the whole night. I had no worries. I woke up the next day. So happy and ready for the day. I got to my homeroom class and I immediately threw up in front of everyone. It was hell. I knew that I could not go through another school year with the same issue. If you are confused read "the beginning" article. Then you will get what is going on.

Quick tip : being insecure does not go with your outfit. smiling, confidence, and self love is perfect with your outfit. :)