We all know interracial dating is probably going high, and many people don't want that and want to save there culture,and language. That will be a problem for beautiful culture, languages and beautiful traditions, being wiped out by mixing so much.

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Should we create a new culture for the mixed race or nah, it would be decent to give ''Mixed'' race there own culture so they won't be left out out maybe like a Slavic man, have a kid with a East African women, would it be good for us to put to similar things form each culture in there own culture would be great, and they speak the father language, Of course.

Many people wan't to save there, Language, traditions, culture etc which is amazing, especially for the future of the next generation. Many cultures are probably going to die out due to complicated identity issues. A lot of people do not like one ethnic/culture group(Which is very boring),This is a issue(Don't like globalist), there is nothing wrong with saving your culture and all tbh.

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loving your race,and culture should be passed down like of course.

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We should love each other, and respect each other culture, race, language etc. Help rise up each other culture, and not let it die out.

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Many people do not wan't culture to run out, and be left, for the modern stuff which is unnatural, and bland for the most part, and it's our turn to create, and pass culture, traditions, language etc, our ancestors created/made for the future to take pride in,and love.

Our culture express nature,and does not take part of dark work or damage nature,and it's earth(Like most modern things)though.

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No racism indeed, just sharing thoughts,and facts about culture, race, ethnic, language etc.