There I go again wishful thinking
What all people have been living
Maybe I’m erroneously different
For I think Nyx always keeps me company
Erebus won’t leave me alone
Yet Hypnos is there who makes me forget
Geras keeps me timed every single day
but hypos keeps telling me that it’s okay
Truly, I can’t escape Oizys’s hand
Welcoming me to Moros’s fortress
My smile lies with Apate
At times I feel like Momus
For they made me feel that I‘am to blame
Oh Eris! Why can’t I push you away
Possessing me keeps myself astray
Ever since that butterfly I saw that day
These feelings won’t leave me
They keep piercing me like knives and daggers
But a sword straightly plunged into my chest
Thus then Thanatos‘ symbol grew
That’s when I’ve come to realize
That I have a Thanatos heart
Now Erebus is slowly consuming me
Geras, Oizys, Apate, Moros, Eris, Momus keeps following me
Telling me to ride Charon’s boat
Even Hypnos my other half telling me to go
For it’s the only way to free Thanatos’ heart
Yes a thanatos heart
That Is Kindly to people,
But the other half has a heart of iron
I always say talking much win you nothing
For I know words cannot get across
I know, I’ve tried and I’ve said it a thousand times
still nothing is happening
but please I beg you please save me
from this Thanatos heart that's killing me.

- Lttl_Mss_Nbdy