Can someone just take away the judgement for every little thing, like so fucking what if a guy and girl are friends. 2 people of the same sex can be friends and tell each other everything and hug or whatever but as soon as its the opposite sex. Its seen as a relationship or that they like each other. Cant people just be friends like what if we didn’t even have genders how would you judge us then. Would you judge us on how we looked together, I know your never going to stop saying how I’m obsessed with him or I’m in love but guess what I am in love with him cause he is my friends, news flash you can love your friends, same sex or not.

Also more ranting. Its no body’s business what your sexuality or what your relationship status is because guess what they aren’t you and they are not involved with your decisions of love or lust you are and only you. Im also sick of people using gay as an abusive and expression of speech like when did it become that. If I am going to get into it, it was originally used as the meaning of happy and now it means that you like the same sex its not that bad like people would you get offended if someone said “omg thats so fucking straight” no probably not because being straight is supposedly the right thing to be. Like you can’t choose who you love or like, its a chemical thing in your brain bro learn some science.

Also no I do not get triggered by things, yes I get annoyed but I bet you I’m not the only one but ppl are afraid of speaking up, because hey guess what most of you are dicks and you tease ppl about stupid shit.
But hey I guess high school will be the best part of your life or maybe not, maybe you will drink your life away. I can’t tell you future but I don’t know if its going to be as bright as mine.

But maybe I’m the bitch, I don’t know what if I’m a bully and I don’t even see it. Or what if I have no friends its just people are afraid of me. I don’t know that either.

I feel like a lot of ppl have the same thoughts as me but none of them express them cause they are too afraid, or maybe you just don’t want to because you don’t feel like it. Whatever your choice is, you do you boo.