Rosie, the lover of flowers.

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Rosie is one of the fairies who lives in my fairy kingdom. She was born of a rose in the middle of summer, when the flowers were in full bloom and the sun shone down hot, and bright.

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Rosie loves all of the flowers and plants in the forest, and she takes care of them. She talks to them, sings to them, and encourages them. She helps them grow with her loving care, positive energy, and uplifting words. The flowers know her voice, and bloom brighter and bigger when she's around.

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Rosie has super curly, light blonde hair that touches her shoulders. She has tanned skin, from being outside in the gardens all day, and freckles on her nose and cheeks. She has kind, brown eyes, and a bright, cheerful smile. She wears flowy, frilly, dresses (which are usually pink). She usually goes barefoot, but will sometimes wear simple rose petal slippers.

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Rosie is a ray of sunshine. She is kind to everyone, and is always uplifting and encouraging her friends. She tries to stay positive in every situation, and won't let her friends think negatively about themselves or difficult situations. She is fun to be around and she laughs about almost everything. She just enjoys life, being in nature, hanging out with her flowers and friends, laughing at silly things. She is warm and bright and everyone feels appreciated by her.

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Rosie has a pet humming bird. She's a tiny little thing and is so fluffy and cute. (I don't know what to name her yet, but I will update this when I think of something). She follows Rosie everywhere and takes naps in the flowers.

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Rosie likes honey, all kinds of pancakes, strawberries, and lemon cake.

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Rosie has three bestfriends: Lana, Reed, and Marin. They have tons of fun together, laughing all the time, exploring, eating meals together, making fun of eachother :)

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So that's Rosie! I hope you enjoyed learning about her. I enjoyed making her character. Of course I'm still developing her, but that's the main stuff! Thank you so much for reading! <3 See ya in my next post.

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