We apologize that you girls have been through so much . Neither of you girls deserve this but we're happy that . . .

Our Chic and Charismatic Leader , CL managed to solo debut in America

Our beautiful visual , Dara stayed strong although she has cried on some shows

Our bubbly alien , Park Bom managed to think about her problems and the drug scandal

Our young maknae , Minzy followed her dreams to solo debut

We're so proud of you girls . No matter what , we're always there for you when you're feeling sad . You four girls taught us that we don't have to be the prettiest yet we can still be the best .

Even after a long time passes , lets both remember that we had each other back then .

Nothing lasts forever but to us , you girls were once Queens and you forever will be .

Please don't say goodbye , lets stay together til the end .

~ 2NE1 , 2009 - 2017