im attempting to write this because i want people to know who bts really is. to those who still dont have any clue about who they are, you can check them out rn on youtube :)

anyways here are some reasons based on my experience lol why you should stan/ support bts:

- they are very talented
- 7/7 can sing, rap, and dance
- they are all incredibly good looking too
- each one of them is a sunshine
- you are never sure who your bias is because everyday a member bias wrecks you
- they've worked so hard to be where they are now
- they focus their music through real life experiences mainly towards youth
- they touch people's hearts with the music that they make and performances that they gives
- they are also the first kpop band to win at the BBMA's incase you dont know that yet
- they stan ARMYS back
- they're very passionate about doing what they love the most

idk i can list more than this but i think i'll just let you find out all the other good stuffs about them :) trust me you'll never regret supporting this band. they had touched my heart and inspired me truly and i just love them all so much.

p.s they're going to break records this september so watch out. also you can preorder their mini album "her" in amazon :)