Little star in the sky
All alone soaring high
Wondering how you've been so far
For you're all alone in those group of stars
Little star in the sky
Aren't you lonely tell me why
Darkness seems to surround you side by side
But you're still shining and trust me it cannot hide
Little star in the sky
I wonder if you saw me when I cry
Above all the constellations so far you're the only one who've I've cannot help but notice
I wonder why
Little star now that pretty stars seems to surround you
I guess you don't need me anymore more than I do
I'll be happy as long as you keep shining brightly
I'm sure little by little I'll be able to smile eventually
Little star all my secrets you've come to know
tell not anyone cause it's yours and mine for keeps
Even if I fade someday your light will always remain
In my memory forever treasured in my domain
Little I wonder how you've felt
Whenever I see you smile it always takes my breath away
Honestly I really want to stay
But sadly reality I cannot sway
And it hurts me every single day
Little star even if someday you'll be left alone again
I'll be here watching till the end
Little star i really love you even though you're so far
You're still my one and only star.

- Lttl_Mss_Nbdy