Hey, today I am sharing what's in my backpack for high school.
So let's get started

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The first thing that I put in my backpack are my notebooks to take notes, usually I like decorating with stencil or something like that

school, notebook, and book image notebook, school, and school supplies image book, blue, and coffee image

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After i put my pencil case where there are some black or blu bic ( I prefer black!), rubber, pencil, ruler and stuff like that, but the most important are highlighter.

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i love this pencil

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I have always with me my emergency kit with

  • plaster
  • tampon
  • hair ties
  • hair brush
  • perfume
  • deodorant
  • lip balm
  • gum (if you can chew in class)

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obviously in my backpack there are the book ( too much )

book, aesthetic, and white image book, blue, and aesthetic image

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there is also my wallet to buy some snacks in the café

Michael Kors, fashion, and black image Image by Little_Princess Image by Little_Princess Michael Kors, fashion, and white image
I love the bòack one

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my phone with charger and my laptop

iphone, pink, and sunglasses image iphone, coffee, and apple image

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usually I have my bottle with water or tea

chanel, water, and luxury image

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and finally I have my bullet journal

journal image journal, bullet journal, and december image
I wanna share with you my favorite backpacks
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check out