Mental illnesses aren’t beautiful.

They don’t make you special and don’t make people suddenly care about you.

So stop taking them lightly and promoting them to impressionable teenagers on the internet

They’re just children yet you build them to grow up glorifying the villain
All but kids but still you dig, deep down into their subconscious make them idolise a twig

Its sick

Murder is a felony but suicide is a seen preferably

You rise jealously, show pleasantly suicidal tendencies, breathlessly you chase what is really the enemy because instagram said therapy equals ecstasy - that illness is heavenly. Being fucked up mentally, endlessly panicked, crying and restless. Have some empathy.

Sickness should not be a supremacy

With the uprise of social media illnesses and disorders are practically being built

You can’t just demand your way into them so you can feel “oppressed” out of your own privileged guilt.

you’re lowering the value of other victims suffering, guzzling antidepressants, recovering, puncturing their skin, covering in crimson colouring.

just because you crave sympathy-based attention

If you want so desperately to feel “special” grow a fucking personality this is my reality you’re converting. My mentality is not something you can copy and paste for retweets.

It’s trendy to envy the deadly

Lana del rey and twenty-one pilots tell you depression and anxiety are a joy ride so now you all want first in line

Well buckle up

You just bought yourself a cup of poison - bottoms up

Do you feel good yet do you feel grown up? GROW UP

It’s not a joke.

My mentality became a priority in society instead of a privacy you understand this isn’t a rivalry this is psychiatry in spite of me you all agree that it’s too mainstream to feel carefree well congrats, now you’re just another wannabe with anxiety

good job sweetie

Get ready for all that sympathy society refuse to give to me because you made a trend of my attacks just to rack up and stack up the attention pick up the slack yall

because i’m sad too now i’m just like you now

Except now you realise that you downsized into a chaotic demise see despite my disguise it’s not all blue skies people cry others die they tie ropes around their necks never see another sunrise you thought it was glamorized well surprise get ready to be hospitalised, romanticised, il-legitimised, advertised online to a new white girl with a tumblr

you see because now that being suicidal has gone viral we can restart the cycle