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So Let's Get Started the second part of "Best Girl Groups (In My Opinion)"



umji, yuju, and eunha image

I love them no matter what, their songs are powerful combined with good vocals and dance, that we always remember even a single step or lyric of their songs.

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My Bias Here : Eunha & SinB
  • Recommended Songs:
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NAVILLERA (Favorite)
asian, asian girls, and fingertip image
Fingertip (So cool)


Inspiring Image on We Heart It

This group have an amazing vocals, great charisma and very good songs.

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My Bias Here: Moonbyul (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, mv, and you're the best image
넌 is 뭔들 You're The Best (So Good)
gif, mv, and kpop image
Um Oh Ah Yeh (Recommended) *-*


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My flowers in SM, they have a really good concepts in their songs are always cheerful and colorful with great dances and powerful vocals.

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My Bias Here: Irene & Seulgi
  • Recommended Songs:
gif, red velvet, and seulgi image
Russian Roulette (Best MV)
gif, red velvet, and seulgi image
One Of These Nights (Favorite)

I can say too AUTOMATIC, ROOKIE and ICE CREAM CAKE are so good.


comeback, whattaman, and dream girls image

No joking the best girl group ever made (╥_╥) they are from the first season of PRODUCE 101 and they have the best of the best in visuals, vocals, charisma, dance. But after a year their contract ends and they disband. Now their members have their own groups and also debut as solo artist.

kpop, ioi, and somi image
Since i can't decide a bias here i leave you another of their photos.
  • Recommended songs:
mina, ioi, and somi image
Downpour (Their last song is so sad)
ioi and kpop image
Whatta Man (Sub Unit) I know them for this song
crush and ioi image
CRUSH (My always favorite)
ioi and kpop image
Dream Girls (So meaningful) Debut Song



Image removed girls generation, snsd, and tiffany image

It's been 10 amazing years since their debut ( ╥ω╥ ) i'm so proud of them, i'm glad for being a SONE. They are the very first group i met in KPOP. They are a family even if they lost a very important member, their music is so good and meaningful as well. Now they are 8 members and they are still grow in their careers and music.

fashion, taeyeon, and kimtaeyeon image
My Always Bias this beautiful girl. Kim Taeyeon
  • Recommended Songs:

Well Girls' Generation have songs in korean and in japanese so i'm going to put 3 for both languages.

gg, SM, and gif image
Into The New World (Debut Song)
genie, gif, and gg image
Genie (Iconic)
2016, gif, and girls generation image
Lion Heart (Cool Concept)
divine, snsd, and gg image
DIVINE (The last OT9 song)
gg, gif, and japan image
All My Love Is For You (Beautiful Song) My First Japanese Song
flower power, gif, and gg image
Flower Power (Favorite) Good Concept

HERE ends the K-POP Best Groups (Girl Groups)
Hope you listen this groups and give them an opportunity
Next part is for ......... BOY GROUPS *-*

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