&&.— this is a pretty cool concept. i'm not sure how many of the kool kids on here are into reading these but i could definitely get into writing them. not sure what the concept of my content would be, but i'm always into writing fanfiction. i could share things i've written in the past, as well as well as new concepts. i guess i could just put my feelings here, too, not that anyone would want to read them, but i digress.

&&.— anyway, i think it's super cool how whi is evolving. when i first joined, this place didn't even have postcards and everyone on here stanned 1D, including myself. but i really like how different everything is. this place doesn't seem as community based as it could, and i really hope these articles could change that. this is a platform full of creativity and i'd really love to make friends with some of the users i follow.

&&.— i guess that's all i wanted to say for now. it would be cool to make this a thing i do. idk if anyone is gonna read this since idk the algorithm of this feature, but if either of the two people who are going to read this would potentially like to hear what i have to say about whatever, or want me to write some drabbles or something i'll take suggestions! peace out for now, i guess!