"And there you are, crying again. But this time is different. This time you don’t feel empty. This time you don’t feel uncompleted. This time you don’t feel lonely. This time you don’t feel sad. Now you just cry.

If you aren’t crying because of the sadness, why are you still crying?"

There are so many emotions and feelings. And we don’t really know half of them.

We may have an idea of what we’re feeling, but we have no idea about what’s the feeling really like.

We talk about love, but we don’t know what love is. We talk about hatred, but we don’t know what hate is. We talk about happiness, but how can we know if that’s exactly what we’re feeling? Why don’t we mix up emotions and feelings? I think we do. In fact, I know we do.

"Tears are coming down your face. You feel grateful. You feel warm. You feel complete. You feel bigger than this world, than this life. You feel like you could die and you wouldn’t care, but in a good way. How is that even possible?"

Well, that’s what I’d call happiness.

Source: https://writerworldofwords.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/we-talk-about-things-we-dont-understand/