~How to look fashionable whatever the weather~

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1. Lightweight sweaters

Light sweaters are a great way to keep wearing your fave summer outfits but with that extra bit of warmth for those chilly autumnal days.

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Incorporating the off-the-shoulder trend helps to keep that summery feel to your outfit to cover both seasons

2. Jackets

Similar to sweaters, jackets can add that extra warmth to get you through these cooler days heading into Autumn.

black bag fashion asian
Go for denim for a more bohemian/casual look, while leather will give any outfit that extra edge.

3. Boots

Throwing on a pair of boots always gives your outfit that put-together look, as well as keeping you comfortable on colder and rainier days.

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Choose from ankle boots to over-the-knee, heels or flats...there are boots for every occasion

4. Scarves

The simplest way to add that cosy feel to your look, as well as a splash of colour.

autumn black autumn black
Sticking to warm tones like tan and maroon give even more of an autumnal vibe

I hope this is useful to people in these few weeks of not-quite-summer/not-quite-autumn! If you liked this, be sure to give it a heart and follow me for more <3