Reduce anxiety and improve your concentration with some tips to help your brain working better. They work with me, I hope they will help you too.

1.Don't drink too much alcohol.

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Sometimes we can drink to have fun or during a meal, but it isn't the best if you get drunk. I mean, when I get drunk the next day I have a terrible headache and I can't concentrate. When we drink alcohol we are not able to solve our problems and I think it doesn't help if anxiety never let you go.

2.Sleep enough.

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It's healthy too. If we don't sleep we always have some additional trouble, it is because our brain and our body need to rest. Experts recommend between 7 and 9 hour per night. If you sleep more then you will have difficulty to wake up.

If you want to sleep better
- have an active life
(do activities during your day)
- don't go to bed too late
- don't look at smartphone's screen or computer screen before going to bed (lights can prevent you from falling asleep for hours)

3.Eat healthy.

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It doesn't mean we have to eat less or that we have to completely ignore some kind of food. Our body needs everything. But it means that we should prefer homemade food and we should never exaggerate in only one time. if you, for example don't eat too much at lunch you can use time better, because you can do something immediately after, instead of feel the need of sleep (it always happens after we ate too much). Moreover you can do some break and eat something during the study if you don't exaggerate at lunch. On the contrary, if you eat too much at dinner you can have difficulty falling asleep.

4.Take care of yourself.

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If you want to be the better version of yourself, you have to be happy and satisfied, so pay attention to your needs and your desires. Sometimes the secret to feel better is just thinking about what we want and take it.

5.Drink water.

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We are made of 70% water. we have to help our body not to lose it. If we stay hydrated, we will have healthy benefits on our body and our energy. Experts recommend 2 liters per day.


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We are never alone if we have friend. If you don't like socialize, or if you feel like you can't, make sure to have at least one friend. One person is enough. Your life can't be only school and home and, most of all, you can't solve your problem alone. Everybody needs someone to talk and laugh with.

7.Listen to music.

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When you have free time and you don't know what to do, listen to music, it helps to relax, to think about what you want and, most of all it have to be music you like because that kind of music connects directly with your heart and make you feel good.
If you don't like music at all you can read or do something creative.


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"Mens sana in corpore sano"
It helps your brain and your body, it is healthy and it makes you feel full of energy. You don't need to workout, it is enough if you do something little everyday.
Here a hint:

12 exercises in 7 minutes
- jumping jacks (10)
- wall sit (20/30 sec.)
- push up (5)
- abdominal crunch (20/30)
- step up chair (15)
- squat (10)
- triceps dip on chair (5)
- plank (30 sec.)
- high knees running in place (30)
- lunge (10)
- push up and rotation (6 = 3 per side)
- side plank (20 sec. per side)

Other spots you can do are running or swimming, because they involve all your body and they are perfect for our purposes.


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It works to stimulate your mind to concentrate on the PRESENT moment, starting from feeling your breath, then you can feel your sensation, your emotion and you can be more conscious on yourself and your actions. Because you HAVE thoughts, you ARE NOT your thoughts.

To begin
- sit on a pillow
- cross your legs
- keep your back straight
- close your eyes
- pay attention on your breath
- accept your thought, if you have some in that moment,but let them go and return on your breath
-at least 10 minutes per day

After a while you will feel better and you will notice the differences.
I hope you will enjoy my first article, for more, heart it.