Um...every since I saw that this was a new feature on we heart it I wanted to see if I'd be any good at it. So today is the day we try :). I wouldn't say I'm the best writer but I do love it.

i thought for my first article I'd do a little facts about me thing....why not.

To start out I should tell you guys that I want to be a lot of things, such as a writer,singer, director, actor and lots of other things but I somehow always end up losing motivation. I want to get better at that so I think this could be a good start.

Another random fact about me is that I used to have a youtube channel. I mean I still have it and there are some videos posted and stuff but I really just fell out of it...also this sketchy editing software gave out on me so that was the 'end' of my youtube channel. I so hope to get back to it one day because I did enjoy editing my simple videos even if they took a long time to do.

I'm just gonna list out some other facts about me so that you aren't reading a whole novella about me,lol.

1.I used to have a Wattpad but I gave up on that. I have lots of ideas and have no idea how good any of them actually are, but maybe one day I'll have the energy to start with that again.

2.My birthday is September 7 (that's next Thursday depending on when you read this)

3. I love flowers and the color yellow.

4. I want to do something creative to help people in the world.

5.i would love to design something in the future.

well there are more facts that you'll probably figure out later on but for now these are some of the things that represent me. Sorry if this is all over the place...