Hi everyone. In this article, I will be sharing a few tips that will help you increase the number of your followers.

Now I wasn't actually planning on making a post about this. After all, gaining followers is the last thing I care about on whi and overall, it sure seems like a shallow thing to post about. (that's just my opinion tho)
buT- I saw someone else do it, and they sure made a shitty job (they were basically just promoting their page, to say the least). Now, it's around 2 am so I apologize in advance if none of this makes any fucking sense.


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  • The most important thing is without any doubt- being active. People aren't gonna follow you if you post once every two months. Especially in the beginning, i suggest posting new things every day.
  • Once you're active, half the job is done, but what will give you even a bigger chance of being noticed is posting original content. Don't worry- this doesn't mean you necessarily have to start uploading your own selfies (although that is also pretty awesome), instead, try browsing google or other apps that are similar to whi (like Pinterest for example)- just make sure you don't steal and always give credit to the owners.
  • Another thing I recommend is to interact with your followers- most of them would much rather follow a person than a robot. Of course, considering that there is no comment section, things might get a little tricky. Luckily, there are still some things you can do.

a. Using the messaging app. Chances are tho, that you're just as awkward as me and would rather rip your eyeballs out that interact with a human being. Understandable.
But being the good friend that I am, I will reveal to you a technique that I was using before I even got my first 1000 followers- every time someone followed me, I would send them a small message that went something like 'hi, thank you for following me and have a nice day.' - sending this gave me the opportunity i needed to interact and in addition, i got many new friends.

b. Captions. A lot of people simply don't know what to do with them - i will enlighten you. My personal favorites are rants. Did your favorite character just die? Got an F on a test? Saw a cute boy on a train but didnt get his number? Same. Captions give you a chance to seem relatable and lure in new followers.

  • Widen your horizons. Dont post about only one theme because only a sertain portion of people might like that. Instead, create many collections and once people start following them you will see which ones should stay and which ones should go.

There are many other things I could add here, but honestly, I have a feeling that this list might be just a little too long and slightly obnoxious, so i will end this here.

Like if you would rather teach a crocodile how to dance ballet that go to school tomorrow.