So, it's almost Autumn (or fall whatever is your preference!) and I was thinking, I need a playlist for this amazing season! So, Here's some that are coming to mind also, this is my first Article :) so, sorry if it isn't as interesting as some

1.) Somewhere Only We Know - Kaene

This song reminds me of Autumn the coffee shop vibe makes me feel like I'm in a retro movie or something lol. Imagine: You are in a forest the trees are turning into little bits of flames. You (and/or a significant other) frolicking in a meadow or just in a coffee shop and this song comes on. Perfect song I think at least.

2.) The Scientist - Coldplay
This song. THIS SONG IS SO AMAZING! The chilling piano (I think not sure lol) and acoustic guitar brings me chills. The story telling in the lyrics makes me feel like I'm in a movie where the girl just leaves her husband and she's in a taxi then it just starts raining. Perfect for Autumn :)

3.) Lego House - Ed Sheeran

Okay, if you don't have this on your playlist then I don't know what to tell you. It's so goddamn amazing gives me chills. I love Ed Sheeran personally, He has the perfect tone just to get lost in. Roaming around the city or a petite town kicking up dark orange or red leaves.

4.) Let Her Go -Passenger

This song is perfect for autumn or winter. Just like the other ones, it paints a picture in your mind. Like a man is on the verge of hurting the one he loves. This song comes on. He knows what he has to do.

5.) 6/10 - Dodie
If you don't know who Dodie Clark is, you're missing out! She's so cute and stuffs.
This song is just beautiful I don't know, this song just paints a picture of autumn in my mind and plus it's my personal favorite.

6.) Begin Again - Taylor Swift

Such a calming song. I always drown out reality with a good book and this song. Or just roam around my subdivision on walks. I love it so much. I picture this walking in Paris or something.

7.) You Are In Love -Taylor Swift

Just a soothing song and just reminds me of autumn I don't know why but it does and my favorite song on the 1989 album. If you haven't listen to it please do!

8.) The whole Red album -Taylor Swift
I just love this album and I've been listening to this recently perfect autumn album in my opinion.

This is just some of the songs that remind me of Autumn and what they mean to me. I might do a 'Music Monday' (even though this isn't published on Monday, Wednesday to be exact) so yeah :)

Forever and Always,
Madeline xx