Hey! So now that it's back to school time, I thought I'd share some of my tips that might help you focus on studying and to not stress so much.

Focusing can be very hard at times and I tend to procrastinate a lot. I'll start cleaning and organizing my room, planning something that isn't relevant at that time or pretty much do everything else, but study.

Here are a few tips:

  • Plan your tasks a head of time
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This is something that helps me a lot when I want to stay organized and on top of my due dates and tests. I find that getting a planner that shows you a week at once is helpful, so you can prepare for the week to come.
  • Put on some instrumental music
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Just find a nice playlist with instrumental songs to play in the background and Spotify even has some playlists especially made for studying. Now I know this might not work for all of you, but I find that it helps getting into that productive zone. It also blocks out any other background noises that might make focusing harder.
  • Put your phone away
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My phone is the thing that most distracts me from studying, so what I like to do is I take my phone into another room, put it on silent and leave it there. This takes away the need to look at your phone every time you get a notification because you wont even be aware you got one.
  • Use something to motivate you

Anything can work as your motivation to study. Weather it's the goal you want to reach or if your technique is more for example "if I read these three chapters, I can watch an episode of Friends" or "after this exercise you can go get an ice cream." Your friends can also be there to motivate you and you can motivate each other.

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  • Sleep
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You have to remember to sleep. It's impossible to focus when you haven't had enough sleep. Your brain is all tired and your eyes are droopy. Sleeping takes you a long way when it comes to focusing on anything.
  • Drink coffee
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There are people who absolutely love coffee and people who can't stand it. But coffee is a real life saver when it comes to situations when you feel like you are just not able to function. (Aka you haven't slept enough.)
  • Relax
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It's important to let your mind rest once in a while, so take some time to relax. You can go for a run, hang out with friends or family, listen to good music, take a bath or spend time watching a good movie. Anything that makes you feel good and relaxed works.

Thank you for reading! I hope these tips were, and can be of any help to you in your studies.

Good luck!!

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