In my opinion The Book Of Love isn't just a movie. Is a vision that helps you to understand something...Something that words can't say, something that you need to feel to understand...just like life. Do not struggle to understand life in a ''dictionary way''. Learn about life by feeling it in your own ways.

I think that the movie has a great cast especially Maisie Williams ( in the secondary role) which in my opinion is a very talented young actress. Also Jason Sudeikis (starring) and Jessica Biel made a great job. Did I say that the music line was composed by Justin Timberlake? Oh yes, it is.

Millie (Maisie Williams) is a young girl that is perfectly expressing what I call ''a young adult''. The power that her soul has...and the way that she sees and feels life is just...just inspiring. I will be honest with you guys, this movie made me question myself a lot of things and even helped me.

I strongly recommend this movie. Here's a quote from it that it just made me feel...just read it and see how it works on each of you:

''I wonder why, when life turns against you, you go back to those places in your mind, to those places that you know have made you happy, made you feel safe.
Sometimes is the spark of a memory…like the places where we were,things that we have done before or people that we have met…or loved.
Finally,I think that this is all about.It is about the people who let a mark on you.You want to hang on them.You want to take them with you but you can not. When you are in trouble you are hanging on everything that makes you feel good again,but it is like you are holding water in your hands…It doesn’t matter how thight you squeez,all of it will fall on the ground.’’