Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my third weheartit article ! This article is on my current favourite hearters ( In no particular order ). I will be posting articles every Sunday and one on a random day Mon-Fri.

Disclaimer : This is only a very small list of heartists that have inspired me and their account has caught my eye.If you're not on this list and you feel like i could feel inspired from your account or another account then send me a postcard because i love discovering new hearters. ❤

@HeyMyNameIsYasmin :

I found Yasmin's account since i joined whi. Fun fact, she's one of the first people i followed so i've joined her weheartit journey for a while now and she inspired me to get my page started. Her feed is so aesthetically pleasing and she currently maintains an orange colour scheme theme which I'm obsessed with. Yasmin is so kind - I sent a postcard to her and she was so nice and friendly. I'm also in love with her articles so you should give them a read if you haven't already. She posts daily so theres always new images to heart and her account is basically perfection.

@Hopeiessfountainkingdom :

Miu's profile is so cute and her collections neat and aesthetically pleasing. Her whole account is 'tumblr' and full of different themes.Although she has mini recurring themes, she still manages to keep her page organised and the pictures fit perfectly. I found Miu's account when she released her first article and i love reading her articles - they are honestly amazing.

@music_infinity :

Kim's current theme is autumnal and she changes her themes so its always exciting. She also has lots of collections so there something for everyone & her account is full of inspirations. You can tell by looking at her profile that she puts a lot of hard work and effort on her page. I discovered Kim's page quite recently and i love her account so much.


Sabine's page is literal goals and full of inspiration. She hearts daily which gives her followers new posts to discovery everyday. Sabrine does't have many collections but her 1 collection is on articles and its full of tips on 'how to weheartit ' which i found super helpful. She doesn't have specific theme but her posts are a wide variety of things and her whole account is just goals.

@fiorette :

I discovered Alaa's account this week and its full of amazing posts and aesthetics. She's so nice an sweet and sent me a postcard. She has a themed account but it changes from time to time. Her collections are a huge variety from fashion to movies so if you're looking for inspiration then check out her account. Her account as a whole is just neat and organised which i love.

Those were my top 5 current favourite hearters. I know that theres so many more inspirational accounts out there that i haven't discovered yet and if you know any then send me a postcard/message. If you are still reading this then thank you so much for sticking by and i'll see y'all with a new article on Sunday.

Kelly xx

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