1-Walk with happy people.
happiness infects, walk with high-spirited people and with "good vibes." It's not cool to hang out with boring people who keep complaining.

2-Sleep well.
to wake up ready for another happy day, chill. Do not watch anything disturbing 8 hours before bedtime, this will also help you to have great dreams.

3-Drink water.
Drinking water is very important , drink water when you wake up, during the day and before bedtime. Your life (and your skin) will thank you for being more hydrated.

Praise the people around you. In addition to giving your joy to them, they will also spend their day better, and who knows, does not ring a compliment back ?!

5- Kill with kindness
Be kind.Do it like this: Whenever you're off on someone because she was mean to you or other reasons, remember that she may be going through a bad day. So be gentle, kill evil with goodness. You and the person will be surprised, and have a great day. Obviously you do not have to be a well of kindness, but remember, gentleness generates kindness.

6- Don't care
Do not mind everything they say to you. Take life in a good way, there is time that you have to simply abstract ... delete. Of course you should not accept everything in a good way, but do not let yourself be hurt by silly things.

7-You are what you think.
If you want to be happy, have happy thoughts, visualize yourself being happy.

8-Be yourself
Be yourself. See what you like. Use what you like. Be the person you've always wanted to be. And as I said in topic 6, do not pay attention to what others will find of your true you.

9-Listen to music
Listen to good songs, quiet, just the way you want, but that leaves you calm and happy. A song that I like and that makes me good, is Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande and Black skin,Nathi.

10-Enjoy every moment
Live your life, Enjoy every moment (in a conscious way) and do not let fear stop you from doing anything, have Phobophobia. What is it? Fear of being afraid. And remember one word: YOLO, You Only Live Once. You only live once.

some cool pic of a brazilian girl : @isabelaasrosa (insta)